Remembering You

Listening to the rain fall over Brooklyn. Day fading to night. The coolness of the day fills the room from the open kitchen window.

Monica’s voice on the CD player keeping the apartment from silence.

The scent of Heulwen’s Embrace slowly creeps out of the room and down the hall as I fill the black four ounce bottles.

Remembering the way you touched my cheek with your’s as we danced in the rain to Najee’s Now That I Found You. Feeling you inhale my scent behind my ear. Smiling to myself from the inside. You had a way of telling me how much you needed to feel close to me without touching me inside. Such a tender touch; always leaving me to feel sexy, without a word, without a glance. There in the dark Kuutamo’s Touch.


About Each Frame

It is said that I write with passion; true, I write when I need to release energy that will inspire, educate, inform, or release negative thoughts that I hope will touch another enough to evoke change. I love The Creator Of All Things, some of my family members, all those that it took to get to the making of me, #peace, #nature, #photography, #positive energy, #music, and YOU if you will let me. I love intellectual people; they are sexy!

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