Stalked my Stalker

Open Letter to my Stalker
police report day dec 28th 2017
I did not take you before Judge Goodman because I am afraid of you.
One evening when you got off work I followed you home. Hung out, received text and harassing telephone calls from you, surveyed your neighborhood for vantage points.
I sat in my car wondering what it would feel like; your warm blood splattering against my face, the blood from your juggler all over my hands. I thought about all the places you could be and never be found.

I caught myself smiling. It was in that moment that I knew I had to take you before the court. In that moment I realized I was allowing you to reduce me to your primitive thought process. It was in that moment that I felt my brother Satan smile too.
How it felt when I got in my car at 1:40 a.m. on December 4th, 2017 to see a note on my front wind shield—I was disappointed in you for crossing the line of no return.

Oscar asked me why I did not address your continuous statements regarding my sexuality.

Our conversation; “Kathy, why didn’t you say something about her saying you are bi-sexual?”  “She kept saying that to the judge, why didn’t you say something?”  “Oscar, am I bi sexual?” “No.” “What was there to address or defend?”

Allow me to address you regarding my sexually. It does not matter—you will never lay with me.


Stalker, you were right not to have children—you are sick.

I have a suggestion for anyone that is experiencing a Stalker. Get them help. It is not going to stop until you make it stop, one way or another.

Stop being embarrassed, you have done nothing wrong. You have the right to live your life in your space, in your peace.

Take your power back.  I did.  I will bury her.

stalker text for court






About Each Frame

It is said that I write with passion; true, I write when I need to release energy that will inspire, educate, inform, or release negative thoughts that I hope will touch another enough to evoke change. I love The Creator Of All Things, some of my family members, all those that it took to get to the making of me, #peace, #nature, #photography, #positive energy, #music, and YOU if you will let me. I love intellectual people; they are sexy!

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