My in box

I got a in box from my sister last week. The reaction of my action.

She called me a “drama queen”. From that moment to this one I search for the drama queen in me.

I do react to hurt rather loud. Probably because I take so long to react. It has taken me 48 years to react to her abuses. I search for a different word but I cannot come up with one.

I am having a learning experience as I write. She leaves me feeling abused.

The part I hate the most, the part that makes me so angry. What the fuck is wrong with me that I took so much for so long? All I come to is Richard Sr. and Alice.

IMG_5431 (853x1280)<

Published by Richard Jayne

I love The Creator Of All Things, some of my family members, all those that it took to get to the making of me. Intellectual people; they are sexy! I write when I need to release energy that will inspire, educate, inform, or release negative thoughts that I hope will touch another enough to evoke change.

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