The children

I unlocked the side door and headed up the four stairs to the kitchen with the groceries. My charming 12-year-old son and my loving 5-year-old daughter came from various rooms of the house–both standing there watching me.

My 12-year-old, “Do you want some help?” As I placed the white plastic bags on the table I froze. With all the love I could pull from my soul I looked at my son and said, “First I have to go earn the money to buy the groceries.” “Then I have to go shop for the groceries.” “I bring them home to you.” “Odds are when I walk in the kitchen neither of you has bothered to clean it.” “Meaning I will have to stop everything to clean the kitchen before the groceries get put away.” “Then you two wonderful people are expecting me to cook too.”

We stood there in silence for a moment. Both children headed to the stairs without another word. I never carried groceries in again nor did I have to bother with putting them away. The clean kitchen thing. I can’t have everything!

Published by Richard Jayne

I love The Creator Of All Things, some of my family members, all those that it took to get to the making of me. Intellectual people; they are sexy! I write when I need to release energy that will inspire, educate, inform, or release negative thoughts that I hope will touch another enough to evoke change.

16 thoughts on “The children

  1. I’m glad to know someone else uses this method of parenting LOL! I left my 6 yr old strapped in her car seat in the garage last week, cuz she didn’t get ready on time. Gave her a whole lecture on my schedule and the impact of her choices on every member of the family. Oddly enough, she’s been ready to go every morning at 8. (How long can this last!)


    1. Must have been nice to have grown up in a family that wasn’t dysfunctional.

      It’s evident you don’t get what she’s saying, for if you did, your comment wouldn’t be putting her down. Instead you’d be understanding.

      To leave a 12 year old child to watch their 5 year old sibling is legal where this writer comes from. So get off your high horse. Not everyone can be an Elitist like you.


  2. I am thinking everything is pretty much a dysfunctional function…I went to therapy to find out that I have never been a little girl…I have always taken care of others….Now that everybody can fly on their own….What do I do now??

    I don’t know how to be a little girl…but I do know she is trapped inside…..

    I am trying not to think…cause it hurts 😦


  3. Speaking as your younger sister, you learned from our mothers mistakes. You didn’t leave your children alone when they were 7 for days on end. I still have nightmares.

    The comment made by the first person above just really ticked me off. I guess it didn’t occure to her that the children weren’t really alone, for I know the house you were referring to. And they were “never” left alone.

    Not everyone can give their children lollipops and donuts. You kept it real with your children. I’m proud of you for that. It’s amazing how people think they have the right to judge others who had it worse than they did.


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