The Holidays

I was taught about St. Valentine, The Easter Bunny, The Freedom that Independence Day  represents, The reason for our Thanksgiving celebration, and Christmas.

I had the pleasure of picking the perfect gifts, decorating, eating all that great food, seeing loving relatives, and receiving some cool and not so cool gifts.  At 8 years old I was having a ball.  One day after school, I went to my room to change from my school uniform into my play clothes–I was caught coming out of the attic.  Mommy couldn’t tell if she caught me on my way up the stairs or on my way down, so neither of us said a word.

I was stunned, deceived by the people that beat my ass for lying.  They were lying to me.  What a double standard! 

I grew up, sort of, and had a family of my own.  I did not lie to them about  St. Valentine,  The Easter Bunny, The Freedom that Independence Day represents or the reason for Thanksgiving or Christmas.  I told them the truth while everyone around me lied with their stories of a Santa and being grateful for the murder of 98% of a nation of people.

Why are you giving someone else credit for all the hard work you do, trying to provide for your household and keep the lie going?

Why tell children about St. Valentine when most of us do not love ourselves enough to begin to love the next person? 

Celebrate Independence Day, when we become free let me know.  The last time I checked the deception was on all of us, England has always been in control of America and it always will be.  You not believing the truth does not change it.

Thanksgiving.  98% of the Natural Americans wiped from the face of the Earth and you want me to celebrate.

December 26th starts my holiday season.  Enjoy everyone.  Enjoy.

Published by Richard Jayne

I love The Creator Of All Things, some of my family members, all those that it took to get to the making of me. Intellectual people; they are sexy! I write when I need to release energy that will inspire, educate, inform, or release negative thoughts that I hope will touch another enough to evoke change.

2 thoughts on “The Holidays

  1. U R so deep. Yeah, that Santa Claus thing is a trip unto itself. Great 4 business but just a big ass lie when U finally break it all down. I told a friend just today that I'm not really feeling Christmas like I used 2. Way 2 commercial and people act like they care or like U around this time of year, where as the rest of the year they hardly know U. Jesus is the reason 4 the season, but that's a whole other trip unto itselfSo called 'Thanksgiving' has basically been over run and shut down by 'Halloween' and Christmas. I'm thankful my Black ass still has a job and can pay my bills, but it's very hard 2 get thankful about a country that straight up jacked the Native peoples living here and then raped the Motherland so that my ancestors could B bought and sold into slavery.


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