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I BELIEVE something wonderful is about to happen!

Safari for the Soul

Jan Boal


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Oscar McClure, Doonie

Friends offering benefits
Oscar McClure


Today is the day

The fall

Have you every fallen, and the impact not hurt?

Nope; me either.

Some falls hurt less than others.

Sometimes we can break the fall,

Sometimes we brace ourselves for the fall.

Sometimes we can roll on the impact…it still hurts.

Some falls will have you laying in the rocks unable to move for a moment easing self up, shaking inside.

Other falls allow us to jump up survey the damage, brush self off and keep moving, yes.

Feeling the pain, seeing the scars, watching the blood drip; the soreness, the hurt the morning after.

Why the fuck would you fall in love when you can walk into it?

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My in box

I got a in box from my sister last week.  The reaction of my action.

She called me a “drama queen”.  From that moment to this one I search for the drama queen in me.

I do react to hurt rather loud.  Probably because I take so long to react.  It has taken me 48 years to react to her abuses.  I search for a different word but I cannot come up with one.

I am having a learning experience as I write.  She leaves me feeling abused.

The part I hate the most, the part that makes me so angry.  What the fuck is wrong with me that I took so much for so long?  All I come to is Richard and Alice. 


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The children

I unlocked the side door and headed up the four stairs to the kitchen with the groceries. My charming 12-year-old son and my loving 5-year-old daughter came from various rooms of the house–both standing there watching me.

My 12-year-old, “Do you want some help?” As I placed the white plastic bags on the table I froze. With all the love I could pull from my soul I looked at my son and said, “First I have to go earn the money to buy the groceries.” “Then I have to go shop for the groceries.” “I bring them home to you.” “Odds are when I walk in the kitchen neither of you has bothered to clean it.” “Meaning I will have to stop everything to clean the kitchen before the groceries get put away.” “Then you two wonderful people are expecting me to cook too.”

We stood there in silence for a moment. Both children headed to the stairs without another word. I never carried groceries in again nor did I have to bother with putting them away. The clean kitchen thing. I can’t have everything!