Wonderful happenings

I BELIEVE something wonderful is about to happen!

Safari for the Soul

Jan Boal



Oscar McClure, Doonie

Friends offering benefits
Oscar McClure

The fall

Have you every fallen, and the impact not hurt?

Nope; me either.

Some falls hurt less than others.

Sometimes we can break the fall,

Sometimes we brace ourselves for the fall.

Sometimes we can roll on the impact…it still hurts.

Some falls will have you laying in the rocks unable to move for a moment easing self up, shaking inside.

Other falls allow us to jump up survey the damage, brush self off and keep moving, yes.

Feeling the pain, seeing the scars, watching the blood drip; the soreness, the hurt the morning after.

Why the fuck would you fall in love when you can walk into it?

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Salvador Santos


Trump Plaza Hotel

We got on the elevator at the Trump Plaza Hotel headed to our room.  A singing group got on the elevator with us. One of them looked me up and down, then down and up.  He said, “You have beautiful legs.”  Before I could say thank you, my companion said, “Thank you.”  He looked at me, I nodded my head, just enough to acknowledge that I knew he was speaking to me.  He smiled.  

Then someone else in the group said, “I heard we are working the Donald Trump party Christmas Eve.  A couple of the members of the group let out a long sigh.

After that elevator ride when they were doing a show in my state my companion from the elevator would call me and say, “Everyone is asking for you!”  “The guys keep asking me, where is your cool sister?”  “She is coming to see us, right.”  “You have to come see them.”  I asked her to give everyone my love but  to express to them that I’m really not into that.”

I learned two things from that experience.  First, regardless to them being Grammy winners more times than I can count, they are still the hired help.  Second, being humble makes me “cool”.